Italian craftsmanship, Brazilian soul


Samba Artigianale handbags are made in Florence, Italy. Each bag is carefully created and assembled by the hands of Priscila Lira with the utmost attention to detail. Slow fashion, careful craftsmanship, and a little Samba music in the background create the perfect scenario for a bespoke handbag to come to life. Samba Artigianale was born from the fusion between the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with the flare of Brazil.


Priscila Lira was born in Brazil. She studied Philosophy and Literature dedicating herself to research of the philosophy of art and the concepts of beauty. Having developed an interest for fashion and accessories design, she decided to move to Florence to study at the prestigious Scuola del Cuoio. In Italy, surrounded by artists and artisans she learned the old manufacturing art to produce handbags.
Priscila started to create her own collection in 2020 combining the italian craftsmanship with her brazilian heritage. Priscila’s handbags are inspired by the senses of Brazil. The sights, sounds, feelings and flavors from her home are infused into the essence of her designs.